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    The world is a store today.

Today the whole world is a store. The line between eRetail and Retail has blurred faster than it was ever imagined. The power has drifted, from the retailer to the customer, thanks to technology. People now shop at any time of day or night, from any device with an Internet connection. They research products online, exchange shopping practices on social networks, and are often more knowledgeable about merchandise than store associates. They demand and expect high performance from both e-retail and brick and mortar sites, quickly abandoning those that fall short of heightened expectations. This tribe is now becoming the majority in the urban landscape, and they are spending significantly more than single-channel shopper. While more customers are coming online, the older ones are taking control of the shopping experience, both online and offline.

This means that the whole shopping process has changed significantly. It is now critical that Retailers become more agile and effectively employ a program that meets the needs of a Omni-channel customer, enhance the customer experience and satisfaction, and through that their profitability. Today the Indian ecommerce business is struggling between players either with too much know-how on technology or years of learning on physical retail and it is this gap which needs to converge. The Indian eRetail Congress 2013 in its second edition is designed so participants can decode the online consumption framework and to build customer connect in the virtual terrain by engaging with Indian & Global industry experts around strategies to design digital Retails stores.

I look forward to Greeting you at the show which we promise will be the unparalleled Mecca of Modern Indian Retail distribution.

    Courtesy : Gaurav Marya - Chairman, Franchise India